Full Service Christmas 2014

by Full Service

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After releasing a 4-song EP of original Christmas songs in 2013, Full Service has added 6 more originals and a few bonus tracks for a complete Full Service Christmas album!

The album features at least two songs written by each member of the band as well as a few fun collaborations.

Merry Christmas!


released December 12, 2014

C. 2014 Full Service Entertainment, LLC
Released December 17, 2014


all rights reserved


Track Name: Full Service Saves Christmas!
Christmas is the season you start to see sneezin'
and guess what?
Santa ain't immune
He's got a bad cold
He's in a bathrobe
And he ain't reading letters that the kids wrote
And oh no, the elves ate out of the same soup bowl
What'll they do?

About Christmas
The North Pole's a triage and this cold bug has halted production of
all the toys that the kids deserve
What're we gonna do about it?
(Save the day, of course)
That's right Bone, we gotta fill in
Call up the Smellman
(For sure, I'll be over in ten)
He with it, one more we need
Sunny, you in bra?
(Hell yeah)
Now that's a solid team

Ok Let's see we've got
adam brook mike mackey david colin johnny becky mary lisa LIza dom alice

oh man... not even half a city block!
check this twice? i think not

ok here's the plan
i'll call up all our fans
that's what i always do in a jam
yo can you give SantaSaw a hand?!


'Cause even Santa gets the flu sometimes
And if he can't tie up his boots and fly
his magic sleigh up in the great big sky
me and my friends will save Christmas


Now we up in the air
Man it's cold up here
I'd wipe my nose but my boogers are froze
Hoag that's gross
Stay focused y'all, tonight we all business
And by my count we got a couple billion homes to visit
Holy Christmas! You know what else that means, right?
Seven billion plates of cookies and glasses of milk, tight!
Ha, that's true, now let's prep for landing, men
Yo Rudolph! Hooves on the first roof in ten!

Took all night and didn't sleep
Christmas spirit's something we need
Track Name: I Still Believe in Santa Claus
On Christmas Eve awake in bed
like in the stories we just read
there's visions dancing in my head

I know my mom puts the presents out
and my dad shakes the jingle bells
but I can barely sleep on Christmas Eve

Cause I believe in Santa Claus
and I can hear those jingle bells
just thinking of them now
I hear them very well

Whisper as I fall asleep
dreaming by the tree
Merry Christmas Santa Claus
I hope you know I still believe

When the tree is glowing
and the stockings hung
and the kids are dreaming of those sugar plums
Mom and Dad sit cozy by the fire

And in the quiet of that chilly night
they can hear it oh so well
out in the blowing snow
the sounds of jingle bells

As they watch the fire glow
whisper very low
Merry Christmas Santa Claus
I hope you know I still believe

The best gift that Santa brings to me
comes the night before on Christmas Eve
all my loved ones gathered round the tree

As we watch the fire fade
we hope to hear those

Merry Christmas Santa Claus
I hope you know I still believe!
Track Name: Christmas as a Kid
I wanna re-live
Christmas as a kid
the world a snow globe
and I believed in all of it

Wish i could go back
with my mama, my two brothers and dad

Moved down to Texas
Magic melted away
the house that I live in
Doesn't even have a chimney
Track Name: Santa Dance
Verse 1:
Christmas eve eve is the day to celebrate
All the gifts are wrapped
and the sleigh is looking great!
Tomorrow night the reindeer take unto the sky
so the elves are feeling good, gonna dance all NIGHT

Verse 2:
The snow blows hard on the window panes
as everybody starts gatherin
it's a little past 8 when they open the doors
and it's time for the fun to begin
the fireplace crackles and the cookie trays
overflow with gingerbread men
everybody wearing red and green suits
and the little green boots
with the jingle bells on the end

It's in a great big hall
with a decorated tree
standing 30 feet tall
and every window's got a wreath

There's an elf band playing
all the best christmas hits
they've got Elf-is singing lead
"I'll have a Bluuuuueee Christmas"

made the presents, packed the sleigh
now let's celebrate

It's Santa's Dance Party
Tie a jingle bell on it
even rudy shakes his booty tonight!
(cupid ain't afraid of lookin stupid tonight)
(you'll see prancer belly-dancin tonight)

Verse 3:

Candy cane punch everybody getcha some
Mistletoe mimosa mrs claus is mixin up the rum
Ya gotta try the gum drops they'll get you gigglin
Betty Elf and Buddy Elf off in the corner... kissin!

Verse 4:
Elves are arm in arm and they're waitin for the man
you've heard his belly shakes but the man can really dance!
He's comin down the stairs all those elves open up their ring
Santa Comes up in the circle, everybody claps their hands and sing!

Pre Chorus 2:
He's got a jolly round face
and a big red suit
a puffy white beard
and his charcoal boots
he shuffles to the left, shakes his belly to the right
gives a "ho ho ho!"
grabs a cookie takes a bite!
Track Name: Reason for the Season
One, two, three, four gifts from Santa Claus
But I’d give them away
All today.

Lourdes a leaping, turtle doves, pipers piping
Just give away love
That’s all I want.

And I know there’s a reason for the season
I don’t want gifts I want something to believe in.

Two, four, eight ten
Stand in line at the soup kitchen
For a meal
And strength to heal.
While I have too much food to eat

Knitted scarves, gloves
Socks on my feet
Such a treat.

And I know there’s a reason for the season
Grace and hope, that’s something I believe in.
Helping those who need it
The hungry, poor and the freezing
So take my coat if you need it

If I never ever see another winter autumn or a spring
What can I bring with me? nothing.
So store up all your treasure in your soul.

Oh Christmas time
All the tress and lights are fine
But true Christmas cheer is to be kind
Change your point of view
And help out those who may be blue,
I tell ya friend, you’ll be feelin fine.
Track Name: She Doesn't Like Christmas
She doesn't like christmas
she doesn't like the tree
it's just a lot of needles
and needless things
She doesn't like the pressure
It's why she drinks
She hates the stupid carols
that everybody sings

And every time she turns the tv on
The people on it tell her why she's wrong

She doesn't like Santa
she just can't stand
she'll rearrange the letters
until it spells "Satan"

And she don't like the snow,
Or sledding with the crowd
She'd rather be the spolier
she'd rather drive a plow

And every time she turns the tv on
The people on it tell her why she's wrong

You hate christmas yes you do, you try to hide from
the hype and the hullaballoo
you hate christmas yes you do, you try to hide but the
world won't let you

A little like Scrooge
except for one thing
she doesn't have a change of heart
when the morning bell rings
Cus every time she turns the tv on
The people on it tell her why she's wrong

you hate christmas yes you do, you try to hide from
the hype and the hullaballoo
you hate christmas yes you do, you try to hide but the
world won't let you
Track Name: Christmas in Austin
the weathers not cold yet
but it feels so nice that
we drink hot chocolate anyway
i know the time cuz my neighbors house is alight
it's christmas in Austin again

the yards all look so nice
all through the warm night
they're all wasting electricity
we turn on the heat even though we know we don't need
it's christmas in Austin again

my family lives so far
but not the distance some are
i guess thats a blessing in a way
i love you so i promise ill come home
it's christmas in Austin again

i have the lights in my room all year
i like the way they shine
i like the way you shine
Track Name: 93rd Christmas
Fondly I look back today
Snow recalls a time
You and I in coats we ran
through wind to get inside

Stand at the window I start to feel old
93rd Christmas, first one alone
it's a quiet home
such a quiet home
and i hear this landing snow

Used to have friends here we'd cook a big feast
Keep warm with bourbon, we'd always believe
in the quiet peace
such a quiet peace
now it's quietly just me

and i wait and i wait and i wait in the cold
christmas surrounds me but i'm all alone and i
wait and i wait and i wait for the snow yeah
i'll wrap it around me and make it my home
Track Name: All Year Round
There’s a cold front comin’ through
I plan to be beside a fire with you
Feelin’ warm as the autumn fades
Into the night without a trace
Christmas time is here again
Gather round with family and friends
Singin’ songs of holidays
Make your worries melt away

Why do we only share this happiness and cheer one time a year..
Why should we stop singing of joy? it’s unclear..

So, Christmas time is just the start.
Radiate the light from in your heart
Wear a smile on a winter’s day
Push your troubles out of the way
Push your troubles out the way

There’s a cold front comin’ in
The holidays will soon be gone again
Never let that get ya down
There’s still so much love to share now
Spread the joy from town to town
Wear a smile, lose the frown.
And merry Christmas
All year round.

So, now and always think about
All the people in this world without
The love of friends or a family
All the people much like you and me.
So everybody, help us see
That there is hope if we believe
So merry Christmas to you all to you all my family
Merry Christmas to you all.
May you all live out your lives so merrily
Merry Christmas to you all
Merry Christmas to you all my family,
Merry Christmas to you all.
Track Name: Hopeful for the Holidays
verse 1
in late november
i love how it cools down
my year moves slow now
december no snow found
good families gather
and rather than gifts
we love the comfort
and the feeling it lifts

i'm hopeful for the holidays
i don't have to many needs
i'm home
the best part of life is not things

it's nice to remember
decembers that we've
i cherish my loved ones
and miss my strong grandad
my good family gathers
together wee wish
all months would slow down
we could spend them like this


the heart strings can spread far
by no means will they bend
long hours travelin
has turned us to strong men
good families gather
wherever we roam
the road is kind to us
but it's great to be home

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